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Real-time Stats

Our proprietary software, StatCapsule (TM), is easy to use and turns an ordinary game or tournament into an unforgettable experience. Envisioned by athletes and developed on a state-of-the-art platform, you get:

  • Real-time scores
  • Schedules
  • Game stats
  • Social media sharing

Game Video

Every game captured and stored forever. Add your next game to your team's video library for players, fans, and parents to access for a lifetime. Don't have video capabilities? We got you covered. Oh, and generate revenue for your team, league, or event.

Access For Life

From social media to live stream broadcasts, we can produce and distribute your content as you wish.


  • All video catalogued on website
  • Available for purchase by user

Live Streaming

  • Up to 3 cameras per live stream
  • Flexible coverage

Data Live Feeds

  • Broadcast live results virtually anywhere